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We aim to make Terteel as the biggest educational social platform for Quran lovers. it gives users interested in reciting the Holy Qur'an, a social platform to connect, share, learn and enhance their recitation.

We hope that our app acts as a new social platform, where people not only listen to beautiful recitations from Holy Qur'an, but also understand the underlying messages in each verse in more detail. And that's why we are planning to add another videos stream about Quran's Tafseer soon in our app In Shaa ALLAH.

Initially we are looking for Scholars to support us in approving the submitted videos, so if you are a Qualified Teacher for Holy Quran, you can share your details with us on this email. And we would love to make you part of our team.


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The Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities has recently recognized Terteel as one of the great platforms available for the services towards the Holy Quran in Dubai, as they presented the project in a recent conference منصة دبي لأفضل الممارسات في خدمة القرآن الكريم


دائرة الشؤون الإسلامية والعمل الخيري

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We are shortlisted by Amazon Web Services as one of the self-funded startups that add value to people's lives. We received a $1,000 credit as part of their Founders Support Program.

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We are in discussion with some other organizations to get recognized by other entities across different countries In Shaa ALLAH.

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